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I’ve been going to Doctor Paige for eleven years now FOR A REASON. He is THE best dentist I’ve ever seen hands down. Even the specialist he refers you to(ortho, oral surgeon, etc) are the best in the business. Not to mention, he is absolutely hilarious and his electric personality makes it as pleasurable an experience at the dentist can be. Prior to switching to Dr Paige, I would have major work done on my teeth every OTHER year but after Dr Paige cleaned me up I went many many years without incident and anything I had to have done was very minor. I am one of THOSE patients that is very particular, vocal, picky, etc, etc… but I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my pearly whites unless Dr Paige hand picked them himself. Lord forbid he ever retires…yes selfish I know but heck you only get one set of teeth! – Tandra T. (from Zocdoc)


I really liked the office staff, hygienist, and Dr. Paige. All very nice and friendly. Not sure if all that I “needed” done was necessary, but I hadn’t been to the dentist in a while so maybe it was :) I ended up paying a bit, even after insurance, for just a regular checkup so hopefully that won’t be a trend each time I go. – Verified Patient (from Zocdoc)


The best, friendliest dentist I’ve ever been to.  I genuinely look forward to seeing them every six months.  They’ve been taking care of my family for about six years now and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. – Todd W. (from Yelp)