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Dental Implants Atlanta

Dental implants are the most recommended choice of treatments for missing teeth.  They are effective in reforming your smile and eliminating distracting gaps. Atlanta dentist Dr. Paige provides the most comfortable experience in dental implant treatments.

For dental implants to work, a stabilizing component is needed below the gums.  These appliances become integrated with the surrounding jawbone and gum tissue through the ‘osseointegration’ process.  After the component has healed, the cosmetic restoration is provided.

Prosthetic teeth are artificially produced to match your natural dental features and bite.  Known as crowns, they are fitted onto the secured implant abutment.  This results in a newly transformed smile with vast aesthetic improvements.  At our office, we provide patients with the comfort of performing the tooth replacement procedure and designing the crown in the same office.

Dental implants offer a cosmetic improvement and functional restoration.  A missing tooth does not have to detract from your smile, dental implants offer a precise and consistent solution.  Schedule your appointment by calling us today.